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Who Am I?

I'm a graduated architect and urbanist from EPFL - Switzerland. Through academical and business experiences, I learned architecture and urbanism, focusing on environnemental and societal topics such as agriculture, sustainable materials and collaborative working. I am now working in Europe as a free-lance architect. I would be pleased to join you to develop projects about several topics:

What I do?

Here are some of my expertise

Project design

You want to design
a building or a space?

Territorial analysis

You need a complete investigation of a site or an environment before starting your project?

Sustainable construction

You need help to built
a bio-sourced building?

Re-use consulting

You need to deconstruct a building and you want to do it low-carbon, reusing the materials?

Transition consulting

You need help to rethink your eco-system
to adress challenges of tomorrow?


You want to investigate a field to plan
a pertinent plan of action?

I am
to help

They trusted me for their projects


Materiuum is an association that promotes reuse in building materials. They begin with scenographic elements and grow from there. They called me to be part of their directo comitee to help the group going further. This change responds to the augmenting number of requests from the construction world for reuse.


Arrabal is an office in Geneva working both as architects and landscape architects. They developp an alternative way of doing architecture (reason of the name, "arrabal", describing the outskirts neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires in the local dialect.) based on biophilia and participative process. I have the chance to be part of this innovative firm.


Terrabloc is a Geneva based firm producing BTC (compressed mud-brick) from excavation earth. They come on site with a small production line and produce the bricks for the futur building. They hired me for a work in Estavayer-le-lac.


Twiza is a network for ecoconstruction and self-construction. They connect clients all around France with high-level craftman of the sustainable construction and volonteers who want to learn new technics. The association provides advices and support clients in there project. I am proud to be an activ-member of Twiza.


The laboratory of Urbanism of EPFL, lead by Paola Vigano, conducts researchs in different fields that I am interested in. I contributed several time to those research through researchs, publications and teaching activities

Caravanas de Llamas

Caravanas de Llamas, a Tilcara based company that provides trekking with llamas, comissioned me, together with Cléa Petitpierre, to design and build, as architects and workers, the new kitchen/storage building.

Richter Dahl Rocha and Associates

The international firm, based in Buenos Aires and lausanne hired me several times to develop projects, both in Argentina and Switzerland.


The International Olympic Comitee mandated me to carefully follow and describe the deconstruction of their headquarter. The book 45 simple experiments for 1 exceptional project was produced as a conclusion of this work


I joined the LCC team to develop the new MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) of the laboratory.

Machado Silvetti

I joined the Boston based firm for a 6 month intensive internship.

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